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Bearing Echo Meter

Bearing Echo Meter M-900 evaluates the operating condition of all ball and roller bearings. Bearings account for the latest number of rotating components in an industry and its healthy running can ensure productivity of the plant. An ingenuity developed centuries back still accounts for the highest amount of machine problems. A proper bearing, correct installation and smooth operation are the ways out, but to ensure its smooth operation, we need a constant watch.

BEARING ECHO METER M-900 is one step forward, a tool in hand to diagnose the operating condition of bearing, enabling you to overcome your costly downtime.

Bearing Echo Meter M-900 is a microprocessor based, simple to use, rugged and highly reliable instrument. It is an inseparable aid to you.

Bearing Echo Meter M-900 has got an additional feature for measuring temperature.

Bearing Echo Meter M-900 can store 250 readings and these readings can be displayed, printed out by connecting it to any printer (Parallel interface) and can be transferred to a computer (RS-232 port).


  • Dimensions 245 x 120 x 53 mm
  • Weight 1 Kg (approx)
  • Measuring Range 0 to 100 dB
  • Resolution 1 dB
  • Operating Temperature -100 to 500 C
  • Key Pad Sealed membrane
  • Display Liquid Crystal Display
  • Power 2 x 9 V cells (6LR6 duracell or equivalent)
  • Temperature 0-250° C (with 1° C resolution)
  • Storage 8 KB



  • Echo track to determine safe operating level
  • Echo distribution to identify lubrication related failures.
  • Echo pulse constraint to determine condition arising out of worn-out, damaged and improperly installed bearings.
  • Echo peaks to determine presence of foreign particles in bearing.